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“Chiropractic care has been a part of my life since I was about five years old. I am now retired and in my senior years. This means I have been treated by several chiropractors throughout the years. I have never experienced better care than what I have received from the Carlyle Chiropractic Clinic for the last seventeen years.Dr. Carlyle is most competent, personally caring, honest, and professional. He takes time to explain your need and what he is doing to appropriately treat it. He also offers suggestions about how you can participate in your own wellness.I have now hesitancy in highly recommending his Clinic for chiropractic care and treatment.”

Dr. John Farmer

“Excellent staff and service. I feel as if I am at home when I enter the doors. I walk in in pain and walk out pain free. Dr. Carlyle is a great doctor and a wealth of information.”

Charlene Reeves

“Dr. Carlye has taught me a lot about good health. By following his suggestions, I have better range of motion which allows me to sit without my knees hurting and exercise more intensely than the orthopedic said I would ever be able to do. In fact the knee replacement the orthopedic told me I would need is no longer a concern!!”

Kim Belt

“My sciatica was causing such pain and numbness that by the time I came in to see Dr. Carlyle my left foot was unable to move at all. I was unable to walk and muscle atrophy set in, which created additional problems. With Dr. Carlyle’s adjustments and watchful waiting I was back to myself again.”

Thanks Doctor! -Darby Cawley

“The best chiropractic practice I have ever been to! The staff is very pleasant and welcoming every time I visit. Dr.. Carlyle is so kind, patient and really knows “his stuff”! I have never had my back and posture better than i have had with treatments from him! 

Barbara Cochran

 “I was hit from behind in October 2006. Even though I had physical therapy and was exercising, my neck was still seized up and was very painful! I was unable to sleep or turn my neck without experiencing pain. I needed to take muscle relaxers and Lunesta in order to sleep. When I began my chiropractic care my life improved. I was able to move my neck and give up the muscle relaxers and aspirin – and started sleeping – I was able to give up the Lunesta!”

Thank you Dr. Carlyle! -Dee Shaffer

Meet Emma age 2, ……NO TUBES FOR ME!!!!

“Emma has had chronic ear infections since birth, which were being treated by a regular series of antibiotics. The pediatrician suggested that tubes be surgically inserted into both ears. Emma’s mother was reluctant to let her 1 year old baby have surgery. A friend told her mother about me.

As I explained to her mom, Emma’s regular ear infections are due to an upper cervical (neck) subluxation (misalignment) that puts direct pressure on the lymphatic vessels that exit the skull. This pressure does not allow the lymph vessels to adequately drain the skull of the waste products created from normal cellular activity. Therefore, the interstitial fluid containing waste products fills up the Eustachian tube and creates an ear infection.

Instead of using antibiotics to treat the symptom (the ear infection), specific Gonstead Chiropractic addresses the CAUSE (the upper cervical subluxation) of the ear infection. By realigning the vertebra the pressure is taken off of the lymphatic vessels and the vessels can properly drain the waste products. Basically it is like removing the blockage in the sewer pipe so that the toilet can flush. Consequently, it is not only a permanent fix, it also allows the child’s immune system (the lymphatic system) to work and the child does not get sick as often.”

Thank you Dr. Carlyle!

My 5 year old daughter had a leg length difference that was causing her spine to curve. She looked twisted or crooked. Although it did not prevent her from doing anything, my concern led me to doctors. There was nothing they could do but watch her progression. I wanted to be more proactive and had a discussion with Dr. Carlyle. He discussed the importance of spinal health in children to insure proper growth. Once Dr. Carlyle started his treatments with my daughter she looked straighter and stands taller!

Thank you Dr. Carlyle
-Eliza W.

“Grace had one ear infection after another until it got to the point that her pediatrician wanted her to have tubes placed in her ears. One day her father was talking about it to Dr. Carlyle and asked if chiropractic could help Grace. Dr. Carlyle said, “Bring Grace in and let me check her. If I can help her I will let you know then.” We brought her in and Dr. Carlyle told us that the problem had been there since birth and that a few adjustments would fix the problem and stop her ear infections.

We are glad to say, NO TUBES!! (yipee)”

Thanks, Dr. Carlyle 
-The Sanders’ Family


“My 2-year old son Clay had chronic ear infections and inflammatory eczema since he was three months old. Clay had tubes surgically implanted and the symptoms continued.

The only course of action was antibiotics and hydro-cortisone creams rubbed on his skin every night. The over-use of antibiotics and cortisone along with what the long term effects would be was a constant worry for me and my family.

After Clay’s visit with Dr. Carlyle he improved immediately. With each adjustment he felt better and had freedom from chronic ear and sinus infections. For the first time since he was born my son is symptom free.”