I hope that if you are reading this, it will give you the push you need to see Dr. Carlyle. I have dealt with chronic health issues for the last 15 years. I have seen many doctors/professionals and tried many medications and therapies. Some work for a bit, but it’s always temporary, like putting a band aid on a bigger problem. After seeing Dr. Carlyle for about a month, I felt like a new person; I'm coming up on three months of seeing him on a regular basis, and I'm still thrilled with the care and results. As he and Dr. Gette will demonstrate to you, the nerves along our spine control every process in our body. So, if you have chronic stomach problems, daily headaches, fatigue, or other undiagnosed issues, releasing that particular nerve on your spine, can fix your issue. If you do decide to make an appointment, the entire office staff will make you will feel welcome, cared for, and that you are truly in the hands of professionals. For the first time in many years, I am hopeful that I will continue to be healthy, but I have 100 percent confidence that if I do start to feel bad again, Dr. Carlyle would work tirelessly to get me back on the right path.

Kasey R.

Took entirely took long to post this review.

BUT if you haven’t been to see Ally, Sierra, Dr. Carlyle, and Dr. Goette- you’re truly missing out on living your best (most comfortable and well) life!! Everyone in the office radiates positive energy and you feel like a part of their family from the moment you walk in all way to them wishing you well on the way out the door. I came to see them with crippling lower back pain. They set me up on a treatment plan and months later I feel like a entirely new person- with no more lower back pain. They’re extremely flexible with scheduling and you can pop in anytime you need an adjustment! Go see them and be well! Thank you Carlyle Wellness!!

Lauren K.

Carlyle Wellness is professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and personable. It is never a problem getting/changing an appointment. The staff is always friendly and helpful. Dr. Carlyle listens to what his patients have to say and is always able to give a professional answer and or explanation. His adjustments have had a profound effect on returning me to my much wanted good health. I have been treated by several chiropractors over the past thirty years, and Dr. Carlyle is by far the best.

Barbara B.

If you are in need of gently and caring chiropractic care, please consider Dr. Carlyle. He is gentle in his adjusting techniques and delivers effective relief and realignment. Very easy to make appointments and rarely a wait time.

Carissa B.

The best chiropractic practice I have ever been to! The staff is very pleasant and welcoming every time I visit. Dr.. Carlyle is so kind, patient and really knows "his stuff"! I have never had my back and posture better than I have had with treatments from him!

Barbara C.

Dr. Carlyle has helped me with various health improvement efforts since 2001. I was in a few serious car accidents decades ago that resulted in some recurring discomfort that limited my activity due to pain and stiffness. The adjustments and exercise recommendations have been a lifesaver for me. This enabled a lot more pain-free activity and overall comfort! I highly recommend the doc to anyone with similar acute or chronic issues.

TutelaJoe O.

This staff is absolutely wonderful and the care they perform will leave you feeling amazing.. Very well pleased and hands down the best..

Lacie P.

Went here for a few adjustments for my back, quickly noticed tremendous improvement. Follow his advice and recommendations, and you will thank yourself for it!

Sam M.

Dr. Carlyle (AKA DR WONDERFUL) And Dr.Gette are absolutely WONDERFUL; I went to them In severe pain after visiting another practice the day before that didn't help me; the wait was less than 5 minutes and a new patient at that! They took me back, explained everything to me, and immediately relieved my back pain; I went in today with a Foot brace and walked out without it with no pain. 3 visits down, and I feel Like a new person I highly recommend this practice! the entire staff is AMAZING.❤

Cindy M.

Carlyle Wellness is amazing! The staff is friendly and professional. I was recommended to Carlyle Wellness after I somehow injured my back which left me hunched over. After one treatment, I was back standing up straight. After that, we came up with a plan to ensure I don’t hunch over again. I would highly recommend Carlyle Wellness for any of your wellness needs.

Rochelle D.

I went in for back pain and they got me sorted out, and later I had a regression of an old knee injury where my knee was giving out multiple times a day. I expected to need surgery (again), but Dr. Carlyle worked on it and it's been three weeks since it buckled -- the three weeks since he first worked on it. Keeping up treatment, but if you've had knee issues you know that's a pretty incredible result from an initial non-surgical intervention.

Jeremy R.

Vacationing on SSI with lots of family should be fun but a severe headache (which started the day after we arrived) can put a major wrench in all your plans. I found Carlyle Wellness online at 3:30 in the morning when I just couldn’t take it any longer. After reading many good reviews I reached out to them to make an appointment and they got back to very quickly the next day. Everyone was professional but very friendly and comforting. The process of taking X-rays then moving on to treatment went very smoothly and quickly. I learned a lot about my spine health and felt very secure during all of the different treatments that I received. Dr. Gette saved my vacation! Thank you so much!! My only regret is that I love five hours away.

Jay P.

Dr Gette and Dr Carlyle are wonderful. I’ve only been going for 2 weeks and have already been able to get back to running and exercising after being in pain for over a year. Everyone in the office is so sweet and helpful. I wish I would’ve found them sooner but they won’t be able to get rid of me now . I’m so happy!

Tami K.

Love, love, love this practice. Dr. Carlyle, Dr. Gette, Sierra, and Ali have all been so welcoming. I look forward to each appointment and always leave feeling better. I highly recommend Carlyle Wellness.

Katie K.

Awesome! Awesome chiropractor!! Gives amazing adjustments!! We drove 3.5 hours to see him!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr. Carlyle and his entire staff!! Thanks so much!!

Laurie L.

I highly recommend Carlyle Wellness.
I came into Carlyle Wellness after having unexplained neck pain for over about 6 weeks and my first visit relieved my pain.
At my first visit to Carlyle Wellness, I got an x-ray, thorough examination, explanation of my pain causes, and explanation of their treatment methods prior to my chiropractic adjustment.
By doing the x-ray & the thorough exam, Dr Carlyle knew exactly where to adjust. He explained what he was going to do and how I would feel afterwards, so that I would be prepared and not be surprised. It was just one pop. This left me a little confused, because most chiropractors I've seen do way more than that, but I went with it.
The night of my first adjustment, I was a pretty sore, but Dr Carlyle told me to expect this. The pain in my neck was gone by the next morning and has not returned.
It's safe to say I'm a highly satisfied patient.

Angelika S.

Had my first visit on Monday and Dr. Carlyle fix the major issue in my right lower back, but still had some tightness lingering, so I went back Thursday (3 days later) and he fixed that in an instant! 10/10 recommend Carlyle wellness for any and all chiropractic needs!!!

Liz Q.

I was a patient of Dr. Carlyle's from 2004 until I moved away from Glynn County in 2020. I can honestly say that he literally changed my life. I have scoliosis and suffered from back pain every day of my life. Within a few weeks of starting treatment with Dr. Carlyle, my nearly life-long pain was gone! And it stayed gone. He is a miracle worker!!

Please move to Asheville!

Alissa I.

Best experience with a chiropractor by far. Having a hectic schedule, they were always able to shift my appointment around. They also focus on all around wellness, not just chiropractic services. I highly recommend Carlyle Wellness!

David C.
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