DNA-based Custom nutrition

The days of Blind-Nutrition are OVER! Uforia is the world’s FIRST DNA based nutritional supplement, tailor made to your body’s specific needs. Click to order your DNA kit today, or come by the office to save on shipping, as well as assistance with the DNA samples

Omega Sufficiency™

is the world’s premier EPA/DHA omega 3 fish oil. Each teaspoon or 4 capsules provides 720-825 mg of EPA and 480-550 mg of DHA omega 3 essential fatty acids which have been scientifically shown to be a crucial requirement for health and important in the prevention of illnesses such as heart disease, arthritis, ADD, depression, stroke, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, osteoporosis, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, eczema, learning and cognitive development problems, and Alzheimer’s.

Why Innate Choice Omega® Sufficiency?supplement

Dr. Carlyle researched supplementation for his family, staff and patients and highly recommends Innate Choice®

“Eleven months ago, a CBC showed my cholesterol to be 261, and my doctor prescribed a statin for me but I protested because of the potential side effects. Then, my chiropractor/wellness practitioner recommended Omega Sufficiency. I have been taking Omega Sufficiency for 10 months now, and I just got the results from my recent CBC, which showed that my total cholesterol dropped from 261 to 221, my LDL dropped from 159 to 99, and my HDL rose from 84 to 103. Needless to say, I was blown away! I take only a teaspoon once a day. It tastes great, I like the lemony flavor. And no dangerous side effects! My blood pressure is also lower. Frankly, I didn’t expect such dramatic results. I am very grateful for this amazing product. Please let me know if you would like additional information.”

Claudia – GA, USA

Probiotic Sufficiency™ 100% Vegetarian,Dairy Free, Wheat Free Probiotic

Directions for Use

probioticAmount per 40 lbs/18 kgs of body weight: 1/2 capsule

Adults: 2 capsules per day. (If never have taken a probiotic before start with one capsule per day for the first week.)

Children: 1/2 capsule per day for every 40 lbs/18kg of body weight (open capsule and put on food or in beverage).

*As the probiotic flora colony begin to take over the gut and the harmful organisms like gram negative bacteria and yeast begin to die off they can release toxins causing headaches and/or loose stools and/or upset stomach. This is termed “die off syndrome” and is a temporary discomfort along the road to better health.

Keep refrigerated or, even better, keep in freezer section of refrigerator. Safe to take traveling unrefrigerated but best to keep as cool as possible.


It is not uncommon to experience what is referred to as excessive drainage syndrome when ridding the intestine of pathogenic bacteria and yeast and re-establishing normal flora. When the unwanted bacteria and yeast begin to die off and be cleansed from the intestine toxins can be released which can sometimes lead to headaches, diarrhea, gas, bloating, or constipation.

This is really a positive sign that the intestine is being cleansed of these toxin releasing and illness-promoting bacteria and fungi but it can be uncomfortable for a few days.

Natural Vitality: Calm Magnesium Supplement



The majority of us are not getting adequate magnesium, including many who already take magnesium supplements. There are three reasons for this: the amount of magnesium required by the body is greater than people think; fruits and vegetables have lost mineral content over time due to soil depletion; and some magnesium supplements are poorly absorbed by the body. Magnesium depletion can be caused by a number of stresses on the body, among them lack of adequate dietary magnesium; mental, emotional and environmental stressors; some drugs (diuretics, antibiotics, oral contraceptives, insulin, cortisone); heavy exercise; diabetes; gastrointestinal disorders; and excess calcium in the diet. You can only benefit from trying Natural Calm. As with vitamin C, the body will excrete any excess magnesium. Natural Calm features highly absorbable, water-soluble magnesium in ionic form, so it is ready to go to work right away. Of course, talking about Natural Calm is just talk. The only way to have The CALM Experience is to try it and feel the calm.

True Cellular Detox: Total Body Cellular Cleansing System


What is a Cellular Detox? Cellular Detoxes and cellular cleanses are extremely popular today and there are many options to choose from. While many people may be unsure which detox diet, cleanse or product is best for them, it’s important to understand how they work, and that a cellular detox and cellular cleanse is much more than just changing the diet, or doing a 10-day herbal cleanse or juice fast.

The only truly effective and comprehensive type of detox is a cellular detox also known as cellular cleansing. Cellular cleansing is designed to remove harmful toxins from the body where they are causing the problem: at the cellular level. While many people focus on eliminating toxic food, which is important, but there are many other toxins that people encounter that are not food related. A cellular detox doesn’t just focus on removing toxic food; it looks at all the potential toxins a person encounters on a daily basis and aims to remove them as much as possible from the body and environment. Before a person begins a cellular detox, it’s important to know what the potential toxins are and where they originate.

Posturmedic Support System


Our Posture Medic support system is one of the highly effective tools we use to correct poor posture, thereby increasing upper back strength and relieving wear and tear on the shoulders, neck and back.

Posture tools and exercises play an important role in physical therapy, as poor posture can cause improper body alignment which may lead to a host of other physical ailments, injuries and discomforts.

With regular usage of Posture Medic, you can strengthen, straighten and stabilize your back muscles in order to achieve optimal physical comfort and mobility.



RESTORE is designed to balance gut health, support respiratory wellness, combat environmental exposures, promote immune function, enhance mental clarity, and promote hydration. It is naturally gluten-free. RESTORE has been shown to create a beneficial shift in the bacteria making up the microbiome, which is what many people are attempting to do with probiotics and prebiotics. Carbon-based redox molecules from ancient fossilized soil help restore the communication network between bacteria in the gut, mitochondria, and cells in the body.

Cryoderm Cold Therapy


Since CRYODERM’S inception in 2000 our goal has been to bring the highest quality, most effective topical Pain Relievers to the medical market. Today our goal remains unchanged as we recognize that millions of people depend on our products to live productive, normal, pain free lives. That satisfaction drives our team to continually update our formulations and ensure that only the purest ingredients are used in our products.



When Biofreeze is applied, menthol binds with temperature-sensitive receptors in the skin. Activating these receptors is thought to modulate pain signals through the body’s natural pain relieving systems. This mechanism works similarly to ice, but with additional benefits.


Megasporebiotic™ is the first 100% spore-based, broad-spectrum probiotic clinically shown to improve leaky gut by 60% in just 30 days. This unique all-spore formula effectively reconditions the gut by increasing microbial diversity and encouraging the growth of key health-promoting, commensal gut bacteria. Megasporebiotic™ boasts a 5-year shelf-life, does not require refrigeration, and maintains efficacy during antibiotic therapy.