What to expect at your first appointment

I am passionate about helping you achieve your ultimate health and fitness potential.

Many people do not even realize how far they are being held back – and how far they can go! I want to help you see what you are capable of and then help you get amazing results.

From your initial phone call to exiting after each visit we want to make you feel, WELCOMED, WANTED, APPRECIATED, and CARED for by giving you the most pleasant and easy chiropractic experience in the shortest amount of time so that you can get on with your life.

You will experience my Three-Step Approach to Health:

You will have a Central Nervous System Evaluation.

The nervous system is the center of the signals that tell your body how to function at all levels of your existence. It coordinates both your voluntary and involuntary action – from sitting to walking to breathing to digestion. Without your nervous system, you would cease to live! And when your nervous system is functioning properly, your body can achieve to its fullest potential.

When there is any interference in the nervous system, called a “subluxation”, your body doesn’t function as well as it should. This can cause symptoms like back pain, headaches, stomach aches, acid reflux – even depression or anxiety. I give what is called a chiropractic adjustment to clear the interference and help the signals flow through your nervous system more freely so that your body can function at its optimal level.

You may have an Evaluation of Diet.

The human body cannot work properly without proper fuel. Eating the wrong foods can cause you to feel sluggish, tired, sick, and result in an unsurmountable number of diseases. Toxins from unhealthy foods can cause dangerous toxins that can interfere with correct nervous system function.

I will teach you to eat the right foods for your unique body so both your body and brain can work to its utmost potential. By eating foods full of vitamins and nutrients, it will be easy for you to achieve your ideal weight and fitness level – and keep healthy habits for a lifetime.

You may have an Exercise Evaluation.

Having a proper exercise routine has countless benefits for your brain and your body. Exercise controls weight, combats disease, improves mood, boosts energy, improves sleep, and affects your overall quality of life.

I will evaluate your exercise program and recommend appropriate changes to help you achieve your specific goals. I also may help you start on SpinalFit – a program that has helped a countless number of my patients reach their goals faster and with ease.

With this Three-Step Approach to Health, there is no excuse not to look and feel better than ever!