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I'm ONLY taking 15 people.

I haven't been this EXCITED & PASSIONATE since I opened my practice in June of 1999.


The path that God set me on has shaped me into the Healthcare provider that I am.  I became a Chiropractort because I watched my mom suffer through multiple back surgeries.  I watched my parents suffer through Obesity, inability to loose weight, heart attacks, strokes, and cancers before they died.

I've spent my life learning how to be Healthy and how to help people be Healthy.   Why?  Because I don't want ANYONE to suffer the way my parents did.  My PASSION and my CALLING comes from that drive to help people express Health like God intended for them.

The problem is how do I get all of the knowledge that I've amassed over years of study from my head into yours. That couldn't have happened before now.  With the True Cellular Detox Program you get WAY more knowledge then I have.  You get to learn from the master, Dr Pompa, that I've learned from & continue to learn from.  

I could go on & on about the benefits but I'm not.  You know me.  I wouldn't waste my time or yours if I didn't completely believe in it.

How do you become 1 of the lucky 15?  You have to commit to learning and being all in for 90 days.  It requires 30 minutes a day plus taking supplements and following directions.  Don't sign up unless you're ALL in for better Health.  

To be ALL IN: email Megan  before noon on Friday May 6th at [email protected].  Tell her you are ALL in for True Cellular Detox.  She will get with you to collect your 1 time payment of $697.  No split payments.  For this price it is 1 payment due when the program starts.

The program and everything else will be explain once the 15 have committed. 

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