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Posted on 03-09-2016

Part of the second stage of the Spinal Basics Warmup is the Squat Flow.

Muscularly this exercises goal is to stretch the adductor muscles of the leg, the hamstrings, and the gluteal muscles. The major joints are the hip sockets, secondary joints are the knees and the tertiary joints are the ankles. Neurologically squat flow is increasing proprioception and helping to increase balance and coordination, too.

The athlete stands in a wide stance. The stance should be wider than a sumo dead lift stance. The athlete allows one knee to track anteriorly over the same foot. The weight is maintained on the heel with the head over the pelvis or the head may be BARELY forward of the pelvis. This position is held for 3-5 seconds. The other leg should feel the stretch in the inner thigh. The athlete reverses the knee direction while standing up to the same wide stance. Next the athlete does a wide stance squat. The buttocks has to track back and down to get a good stretch of the hip joints. The athlete should hit a mechanical end to the squat in the hips because of the wide stance. The athlete holds the squat for 3-5 seconds. Next the athlete stands maintaining the wide stance and goes the opposite direction by allowing the other knee to teach forward. The athlete goes back and forth from side to side with a squat between until they feel their hip sockets open up and their inner thighs are released. 

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